When To Go To A Hand Specialist?

When To Go To A Hand Specialist?

An orthopedic hand specialist deals specifically with problems in your upper limbs. From the tips of your fingers to your armpit, your hand is made of 35 bones. While none of these bones is delicate, it is possible to hurt yourself during an accident or by exerting too much stress.

What does an orthopedic hand specialist do?

An orthopedic hand specialist is responsible for diagnosing and treating injuries or disorders to your hand, forearm, wrist, and fingers. Depending upon the type and severity of the injury, the doctor may choose surgical or non-surgical treatment.

They are either general practitioners or are trained in plastic or orthopedic surgery. A hand specialist Dallas would have a detailed understanding of the human hand, it’s working, and its network of muscles and nerves.

It is important to know when to visit a hand specialist and when to go to a general practitioner.

What types of conditions require a specialist?

  1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: This disease is defined by repeating similar motions or wrist movements. People with this syndrome often feel numbness or burning in their fingers and have trouble holding objects for long periods.
  2. Trigger finger or jammed fingers: Trigger finger is a condition where a finger gets stuck in a position (usually bent). Over time, the condition becomes severe until the patient cannot move their finger. This is common in people with diabetic history and can affect both hands.
  3. Thumb Arthritis: This is a very common condition in older people. Patients experience severe pain and lack of strength during thumb movement, which makes even basic tasks like picking up a spoon difficult.
  4. Traumatic injuries: These injuries are usually due to ligament tears or finger amputations during an accident. Orthopedic hand specialists usually operate on the part of the limb to clean the injury or reattach tendons.
  5. Physical therapy: Physical therapy after surgery is usually one of the reasons people turn to orthopedic hand specialists.

When to see a specialist?

The hand is a sensitive part of your body and can affect your day-to-day life. It’s important to know when to turn to a specialist rather than taking a pain killer or using a pain relief spray. Here are a few pointers that’ll help you figure out whether you should go to a specialist or not?

  1. Your hand, wrist, fingers, or forearm has been hurting for the past three days.
  2. You notice bruising or swelling that won’t go down.
  3. You notice limited mobility or signs of growing infection.
  4. You find doing day-to-day tasks painful (like holding a glass, typing, or throwing a ball.)

Should you choose the best hand specialist available?

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