Patient Portal


This is portal is only for sending and receiving secure emails.
It is not for medical or prescription information

What Can I NOT Do?
Medication List and Health History – THIS INFORMATION IS NOT TRANSMITTED

These tabs are for your record keeping only. Information that you enter in these fields does not transfer to our office. It is a tracking tool for you.

What Can I Do?

  • Request prescription refills
  • Send a message to the clinical staff regarding medications, complications or surgery
  • Send a message to the clerical staff regarding an appointment, your account or any other question
  • Receive test results electronically


  • IT’S CONVENIENT! Anywhere anytime access lets you communicate on your time
  • IT’S PRIVATE: Secure messaging ensures privacy between you and your physician

How to Register for a Portal Account

Just follow these simple steps to get connected today!

Check youremail. You will receive an email from “” Click the registration link and follow the onscreen prompts.
Click Sign Up and Connect. If you already have a portal account and want to add an additional provider, click Sign in and add this connection.
Create a username for your portal account. By default, your email address that your invitation was sent to will appear in the username box. It is recommended to use this email address as your username.

Next, create a password following the criteria noted on the right of the screen.

Reenter your password to continue.

Get Connected. Follow the on-screen prompts on the next four screens to complete your connection. These screens include accepting our Terms of Service, entering your Invite Code and accepting the Release of Information.

Registration and Connection is Now Complete. Your health record will now begin to upload. Please note this may take a few minutes.

View the First Time Walk-Through Video. Learn about all the tools your portal has to offer by watching the 3-minute video that appears when you first log in. If you wish to view this video later, you can always access it by clicking on the My Account dropdown in the right hand corner and selecting Preferences.

Congratulations! You can now access your health information and start managing your care online!

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