Occupational Therapy in Dallas, TX

Techniques and equipment used by occupational therapists.

occupational therapy in Dallas, TX


North Texas Hand Center’s occupational therapy in Dallas, TX, is the leading and reliable therapy available at reasonable rate.

Occupational Therapy has been defined as a form of rehabilitative therapy that encourages recovery and recuperation from physical or mental ailments to support the daily performance activities necessary for carrying out occupation. North Texas Hand Center’s goal is to facilitate patient-centric improvement as a procedure using excellent occupational tools. This article is a discourse on tools North Texas Hand Center utilizes to deliver excellent occupational therapy in Dallas, TX, near you under certified and licensed occupational therapists.

Hand writer

A handwriter is an instrument used to help to draw the pencil in the right position, which some children may need. An injury severely hampers the best performance of an individual, so occupational therapists and renowned medical doctors at North Texas Hand Center administer the leading occupational therapy in Dallas, TX, to help you get up and about.

  • Finger spacer- A finger spacer helps your child learn the correct space between words. It also helps to help children write the correct way (left to right). Check with your child’s school occupational therapist to determine the correct size finger spacer for your child’s needs.
  • North Texas Hand Center has been using pencil weight as a great choice for children who struggle to read and indulge, and motor skills required for handwriting through the most recovery promising occupational therapy in Dallas, TX, to reactivate motor skills like handing, lifting, dropping, and other functions.
  • Using an appropriate pencil weight, prescribed by bona fide North Texas Hand Center occupational therapists entrusted with a job to provide the best healing and leading occupational therapy in Dallas, TX. The device can help patients improve their writing capacity over time.
  • Regular use of a finger spacer, pencil weight, and handiwriter can also help prevent nasal congestion over time and make it easier for patients to breathe.
  • North Texas Hand Center uses these tools to bring dexterity and agility after hand surgery to hold onto things using hands under quick healing and five-star occupational therapy in Dallas, TX.

North Texas Hand Center has been treating scores of patients with a reliable and expert hand surgeon in Dallas, TX, who have years of practical experience in alleviating the pains from various severe diseases such as skin grafts, skin flaps, nerve repair, and extreme cases where arthritis takes a severe toll on the functioning of your hand for various tasks.

Schedule the North Texas Hand Center top-notch occupational therapy in Dallas, TX, by a top-grade occupational therapist on the website of North Texas Hand Center.


North Texas Hand care Center offers critical care under fully trained occupational therapists to monitor patient’s progress over time using regular health assessments. These evaluations help ensure that practitioners remain accountable and improve patient outcomes over time through occupational health programs.

  • Occupational therapists also use the AMPS test for leading Occupational therapy in Dallas, TX. This test measures the processing and motor skills of the patient. This test is crucial in determining the patient’s early stage in the treatment process and helps during the process to determine when the treatment has achieved its goal.
  • The AMPS test administered by qualified occupational therapists helps you assess your current position and the subsequent actions to be initiated to ensure your well-being, which is the priority of North Texas Hand Center, providing quick recovery rates.
  • North Texas Hand Center has been awarded several prestigious awards like Top Doctors 2021 for disseminating high-quality services for various diseases such as Skin Cancer of the Hand & Upper Extremity, Sprained Thumb, Sprained Wrist, Stiff Hands, Tendon Transfer Surgery, etc. By prestigious and leading hand surgeons in Dallas, TX, who can diagnose to provide the best treatment and further prognosis and follow-ups and can handle emergency situations.

Squeeze Balls and Multisensory Learning Tools

In improving cognitive and cognitive function, competent and patient-centric occupational therapists by North Texas Hand Center often use squeeze balls to help children and adults with barriers involved in the functioning of hands.

  • North Texas Hand Center uses multisensory tools providing multimodal integration of two or more sensors of sight, touch, sound, smell, and movement, providing sensory stimulators are used by many devices and environments to improve unity and connection to provide – Occupational therapist help achieve motor agility of your hands to rehabilitate the normal functioning for a dependable and quick rehabilitation guaranteeing occupational therapy in Dallas tx to alleviate disruptions the dexterity of the thumb, movement of fingers.
  • North Texas Hand Center provides orthopedic services for hand injuries by a reliable and award-winning hand surgeon in Dallas, TX using the latest infrastructure tools for pain-free hand surgery related to assuage difficulties of hands.

Bailey Hand Assembly

Bailey’s Manual Assessment Tool assists in the assessment and program of industrial rehabilitation clients preparing to return to work. North Texas Hand Center’s occupational therapists use this tool for evaluating participants in career development or organizational restructuring programs under the most reliable occupational therapy in Dallas, TX.

  • After that, use it to create a treatment plan that gives them different motor problems. Bolts, washers, and nuts are installed in the unit and can be tightened by hand, with an adjustable ring, or with an Allen key.
  • This sturdy hardtop is small enough to fit on a tabletop and will last for years. Anyone who participates in a serious automotive mini-work program will be able to work with this tool because of the variety of challenges it presents.

Slant Boards:

An extended slant board can dramatically improve posture by bringing the writing surface towards the user instead of the other ways around. It also promotes proper wrist extension, support, and positioning. Oftentimes, patients at the North Texas Hand Center use slant boards under qualified and experienced occupational therapists providing occupational therapy in Dallas, TX. So that patients can write for longer periods of time due to reduced physical pressure from their shoulders to their hands.

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Occupational Therapy in Dallas, Denton, TX

Occupational therapy is not like physical therapy. OT does not consist of only exercises. Here you will find everything you want to know about occupational therapy.

Questions to Ask an Occupational Therapist

What is occupational therapy?

Occupational therapists help everyone develop the skills they need for their living and routine work. However, The occupational therapist treats the injured, disable people with different physical activities. The occupational therapists also take care of a person’s emotional state.

How does occupational therapy treat people?

  1. Occupational therapists give multiple tasks to perform. These tasks design in a way that they can improve a person’s health—for example, writing, running, etc. In addition, The tasks are different for different age groups and requirements.
  2. The therapist may ask about the chores you do daily and what kind of task you are struggling with. After understanding your needs completely, the therapist will suggest suitable therapy.
  3. The occupation therapist will keep checking your growth and how helpful the suggested activities are from time to time. 

Difference between occupational therapy and physical therapy

  • A physical therapist focuses on overall body movement, increasing muscle and bone strength, and treating a particular injury or broken bone. A physical therapist will suggest various exercises to improve the health condition. 
  • The main task of an occupational therapist is to help people in following their daily work without any obstacles. The occupation therapist suggests a few simple activities or games instead of exercises.


occupational therapy in Dallas, TX

Who should go for occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy can be beneficial for those were suffering from:

  • Spinal injury 
  • Autism 
  • Hand injury 
  • Movement problem 
  • Disability 
  • Arthritis 
  • Mental health issues
  • Bone injuries 
  • Slow development and so on 

Does an occupational therapist treat all kinds of pain?

No different medical conditions require different specialists. Many people go to occupational therapists for hand pain or injury. However, some hand injuries and pain don’t need an occupational therapist but a wrist specialist.

Who is the wrist specialist?

A wrist specialist is an orthopedic doctor who diagnoses the exact reasons causing you pain. A wrist specialist is a doctor, while the occupational therapist is not. 

How does a wrist specialist treat patients?

The first thing any doctor or a wrist specialist would do is examine your condition. The specialist may suggest a test, scan, etc., As a result, To understand your problem. After diagnosis, the wrist specialist will cure your wrist, arm, and fingers. 

 One should visit a wrist specialist for severe hand pain instead of an occupational therapist. Above all, wrist specialist treats patients with medicines, injections, or surgery. 

How is a wrist specialist different from an occupational therapist?

  • A wrist specialist’s treatment style is very different from an occupational therapist’s. A wrist specialist is a doctor specializing in muscle movement, bones, and arm and joint-related problems. 
  • He can efficiently cure severe pain or surgery. They don’t suggest any playful activities or exercises for the treatment but rather prescribe medicines.
  • The schools also appoint occupational therapists to enhance kids’ development. Contact the school teacher for reference.
  • You may find an occupational therapist in a rehabilitation center. You can find a wrist specialist and an occupational therapist by visiting your family doctor online. 
  • If you need occupational therapy in Denton, TX, or a wrist specialist and find it difficult to get a reliable expert, the North Texas hand center will make it easy.

Where to find an occupational therapist and a wrist specialist?

  • The schools also appoint occupational therapists to enhance kids’ development. Contact the school teacher for reference.
  • You may find an occupational therapist in a rehabilitation center. You can find a wrist specialist and an occupational therapist by visiting your family doctor online.
  • If you need occupational therapy in Denton, TX, or a wrist specialist and find it difficult to get a reliable expert, the North Texas hand center will make it easy.

Occupational therapy and a specialist in Denton, Texas

North Texas Hand Center provides effective occupational therapy in Texas. Then, You can help all the people with injury, pain, tumor, arthritis, joint replacement, and many other health conditions to recover soon.

We have top doctors, kind and cooperative staff, and experienced wrist specialists in Denton, Texas. As a resultWe ensure to provide effective treatment. You can get our appointment here.

Helen Prentice, OT, MOT, CHT

Helen Prentice graduated from Austin College in 1981 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She received her Master of Occupational Therapy from Texas Woman’s University in 1984. She has focused her practice in outpatient hand therapy since 1995 and received her Certification in Hand Therapy in 1999. Helen has extensive experience in post-operative and post-trauma hand therapy as well as conservative management of hand and UE conditions. Treatment is individualize and based on a comprehensive initial evaluation. Treatments may include custom splinting, modalities, therapeutic activities, and exercises to address the patient’s specific need for a return to maximum independence in daily living and work skills. Helen enjoys reading (with a cat on her lap), walking, and playing the ukulele.

Frequently Asked Question

The main work of an occupational therapist is helping people with muscle movement problems.

An occupational therapist treats injuries, disabilities, arthritis, spinal injury, or problems with memory loss. 

The primary task of occupational therapy is to help people recover from these conditions. 

They work for the betterment of muscles and bones. They use different activities to enable people to do their daily tasks. 

These activities don't involve any physical exercise. These activities are easy to do but effective in improving the health condition if followed daily.

For more details on occupational therapy in Dallas, TX, you can check North Texas Hand Center.

Running and crossing the hurdles are the activities for the kids. Picking up equipment or squeezing the rubber ball are activities to strengthen muscles.

Games and sports-related activities increase self-confidence and self-awareness. Writing or solving puzzles are activities for enhancing memory skills.

Some other activities are jumping jacks, labeling things, etc. The activities are different for kids and adults.

An occupational therapist's tasks also differ based on the patient's requirements. Schools also have occupational therapists for the better and overall development of kids.

Running and crossing the hurdles are the activities for the kids. Picking up equipment or squeezing the rubber ball are activities to strengthen muscles.

Games and sports-related activities increase self-confidence and self-awareness. Writing or solving puzzles are activities for enhancing memory skills.

Some other activities are jumping jacks, labeling things, etc. The activities are different for kids and adults.

An occupational therapist's tasks also differ based on the patient's requirements. Schools also have occupational therapists for the better and overall development of kids.

The physiotherapist treats overall body movement and major injuries With the help of exercises. At the same time, an occupational therapist improves the required skills for better living and daily chores through easy-to-do tasks or fun activities.

Problems treated by a physical therapist 

  • Joint pain 
  • Several difficulties in muscle movement 
  • Extreme muscle pain 
  • Recovery after surgery

Problems treated by an occupational therapist 

  • The problem with the behavior pattern
  •  Issue related to sensory processing 
  •  recovery from stroke 
  • Any disability
  • Enhancing memory power

Any adult suffering from a problem with mental health, trauma, spinal injuries, triggered thumb, physical disabilities, etc. In addition, It can take the help of an occupational therapist.

Occupational therapy will serve the patient through different physical activities. As a result, The activities for adults are not the same as the activities given to kids.

Anyone struggling to find an occupational therapist can visit their doctor for a recommendation. As schools also appoint occupational therapists, one can ask the teacher.

One can also visit rehabs to find an occupational therapist. If nothing helps, the internet will. As a result, One can search for a reputed occupational therapist in their area through the internet.

Occupational therapy treats various conditions such as:

  • Injury in bones 
  • Spinal cord 
  • Cervical 
  • Weak memory 
  • Slow development of kids
  •  Arthritis 
  • Emotional suffering
  • Struggle to do a certain activity
  • Hand injury
  • Disability
  • Autism

The conditions treated by an occupational therapist are not limited.  

To add a prefix of a doctor, one should have an MBBS degree or PH.D.

The occupational therapist does not have an MBBS degree or Ph.D. Therefore they cannot be termed a doctor.

Although they are not consider a doctor, their work is the treatment of health conditions. Which is quite similar to the work of a doctor.

In short, occupational therapists are not a doctor by profession, but they help people with different health conditions just like a doctor.

Yes, it is worth becoming an Occupational therapist. but, An occupational therapist helps people to get better and lead a normal life. They serve people with disabilities and injuries.

Besides this, the occupational therapist is a respectable and great professional. Although this profession is rewarding, it is stressful too.

It requires a great human understanding to become an occupational therapist. Above all, These qualities make the profession of occupational therapist worthy of pursuing.

As occupational therapy comes into the healthcare sector. It can consider a part of the medical field. However, they don't use medicines for their treatment.

Also, occupational therapists don't have any medical degrees. The therapist treats people without surgery or medicines.

The medical field is broad with many career options, and occupational therapy is one of those options.

No profession is easy, especially when it comes to treating people. Nursing is a bit more hectic and harder than occupational therapy considering both professions' working hours, types of tasks, and routines.

However, both professions require kindness, patience, human nature understanding, and the presence of the mind.

The nurses serve patients throughout the day. They also take care of patients' routine, eating, and hygiene.

In simple words, both professions are hard, but nursing is a bit harder.

The occupational therapist does not prescribe any medicines or give injections. Occupational therapists are training to understand the process of giving injections and their after-effects.

But In some countries, they may give injections only if required under proper guidance.

North Texas Hand Center

The professionalism and incompetence shown by Dr. Hillard, and to a much lesser degree his staff, was not acceptable, nor should it be tolerated by any person seeking medical help. I am extremely offended and stunned that a Dr. even of his limited experience and complete lack of moral integrity, would conduct himself in such a abhorrent and disrespectful manner. This kind of ineptitude with in any practice is not acceptable nor should any patient be treated with such deceptive and blatantly misleading tactics. My lawyer will be in touch with all concerned parties and any other connected entities to establish adequate resolution and compensation.
David McLearen
David McLearen
This office and Dr. Hilliard are amazing! The office is efficient and friendly! Dr. Hilliard takes his time to explain everything! I would definitely recommend!
Karen Millican
Karen Millican
It's obvious that anyone who works here has to be "above and beyond" to get hired at North Texas Hand Center!!! Everybody there (especially Dr Hilliard) is top notch. You are treated like their only Patient. I thought I had sprained my ring finger on my left hand, but I waited a month for the swelling to go down. Dr Hilliard asked questions and examined it thoroughly then said lets go take a closer look. We walked around the corner and he positioned my hand several different ways and said OK, I've got enough. We walked back to the room we had been in and the x-rays were up on his monitor instantly. We were able to get a close look while sitting down and discussing options. He even let me take a photo with my camera so I could show my husband. The office staff had emailed me a link to their paperwork when they made my appointment, so I walked in all ready to go. I really appreciate that cuz I hate to fill out forms for half an hour before being seen! I recommend this clinic to anyone with a hand or wrist issue. Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time and money anywhere else!!!
Deb Johnson
Deb Johnson
I've had plenty of experiences with different doctors and health centers, and Dr Hilliard's practice is amongst the best I've ever experienced. He seems to have a real interest and love for what he does, I don't get the impression he's just in it for the money. His competence and eagerness are refreshing, and the rest of his staff are top notch as well. Having a great therapist in house is a nice bonus also. The only downside is he only works on hands.
Steve Kamego
Steve Kamego
I can't say enough good things about Dr. Hilliard. His staff is super friendly and accommodating. I came in with a 3 millimeter cyst/neuroma. Super tiny but very painful. Dr. Hilliard was more than willing to take it out. Due to me being traumatized as a kid with needles I didn't want to do in office surgery. Dr. Hilliard made sure I went to the surgery center and was knocked out with gas before a needle was even near me. He also had them draw blood while I was out , for my regular doctor, due to my phobia. He never questioned me or thought I was crazy. He was beyond accommodating and made me feel like family. He did amazing on my surgery with a small incision and got my surgery done in under 10 minutes. He efficient and personable. I 100% recommend him. By far one of the nicest and easiest to work with doctors I have ever met!!!
Jenna Goodwin
Jenna Goodwin