How Long Does Hand Surgery Take To Heal?

Most professionals believe that recovering from hand surgery depends heavily upon the person’s mood and perspective. If the patient has a happy disposition and a good outlook on things, the results of the hand surgery can be improved.

Apart from physical therapy and rehabilitation, the occupational therapy center in Dallas, TX, focuses on maintaining an optimistic outlook of the patient because it helps in speedy recovery. 

How long does a hand surgery take to heal? 

There is no clear solution to how long ittakes to heal from hand surgery. Research studies have found that the recovery period differs from person to person with the same surgery.

Usually, it takes 2-4 months to recover from hand surgery and return to work. Sometimes, it might take a year to completely recover from the surgery and get back to the normal routine. 

Some tips that can facilitate a speedy recovery from hand surgery 

Here are some tips that a patient can keep in mind and follow to quickly recover from the surgery and get back to routine life: 

  • Changing your lifestyle and switching to healthy food options is one way to a speedy recovery. A healthy diet full of proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates assists the body in fully healing from the surgery.
  • After the surgery, strictly follow all the precautions and directions suggested by the wrist surgeon in Dallas. 
  • The patient’s general health, ability to recover and mood play a significant role in overall recovery. A patient with diabetes has to run the extra mile to maintain normal and steady blood sugar levels before and after the surgery. 
  • The rehabilitation plan, as suggested by the occupational therapy experts in Dallas, TX, plays an integral role in helping to heal from the surgery. It is essential to follow and be dedicated to a professional rehabilitation plan. 
  • Expert advice that helps in healing and recovery from all injuries and pain is to keep life and work stress at bay until fully recovered. 

Things that occupational therapy experts suggest avoiding during the recovery period

Here are some things that experts refrain the patients from doing during the recovery period:

  • Smoking – No doubt, smoking is harmful and bad for overall health, but smoking also decreases the body’s healing ability. So, if you want to recover quickly from the wounds, it is best to stop smoking. 
  • Alcohol – Alcohol impacts the blood sugar levels in the body, which affects and worsens diabetes and heart diseases. A disruption or change in normal body function can disrupt the patient’s sleep pattern, and a healthy sleeping habit is necessary for healthy recovery. 
  • Rehabilitation plan – The rehabilitation plan is constructed by occupational therapy professionals in Dallas, TX, to aid speedy recovery and to keep the patient’s health. The recovery period might extend to a few more weeks if the rehabilitation plan is not followed precisely. 
  • Hand movement – Experts recommend avoiding too many hand movements following the patient’s hand surgery by the first surgeon in Dallas, TX. However, no active movement in the affected hand could result in stiffness or an increased recovery time.
  • Avoid moving the other parts of the hand – If the patient refrains from exercising or moving the other parts of the hand which did not have surgery, this will make the muscles weak, and the muscles might shrink. If the patient has thumb surgery, it is essential to rotate the wrist and move the fingers to ensure the muscles do not shrink. 
  • Hand elevation – Elevating the hand to a certain extent might be painful, but it is essential to recover from the surgery.  


Recovery and healing from the surgery are fundamental to returning to daily activities. Finding one of the best occupational therapists in Dallas, TX, to facilitate speedy recovery is essential. Contact North Texas Hand Center at (940) 442-6760, and our experts will help you to recover quickly from your injuries!