What Do You Call a Physician Who Specializes in the Hands?

The best hand surgeons in Dallas say that our body comprises several organs and organ systems that perform different functions. For example, our digestive system absorbs and digests nutrients from our food. We use almost all organs daily, but one of the organs we use the most is our hand.

Our hand has numerous muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones that work together to perform functions like writing, picking, and typing. Since we use our hands so much, pain in our hands is not a new problem. We recommend contacting North Texas Hand Center, the best hand surgeon in Dallas, if the pain in your hand persists after a few days.

What is an Orthopedic Hand Surgeon?

An orthopedic hand surgeon takes care of problems related to the bones in our hands. Our hands have 27 bones, and our wrists have 8 bones. If any of these bones are troubled with pain or other issues, you should contact occupational therapy providers in Dallas, TX, to get in touch with an orthopedic hand surgeon.

If even daily tasks have been difficult for the last few days, you should contact an orthopedic hand surgeon. The hand surgeon will examine your hand and give the best solution possible.

An orthopedic hand surgeon may not always recommend surgery for a patient during a visit. They will hear the problem, ask about the patient’s medical history, and examine their hand or wrist. After proper examination, they will give several solutions, from exercises to medications. If the problem is severe or there is no other solution, they will then suggest surgery.

Problems That Require an Orthopedic Hand Surgeon

By understanding the responsibilities of an orthopedic hand surgeon, you can determine if your hand issues require a visit to the best hand surgeon in Dallas.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

If you do a lot of typing or movements that involve frequent wrist usage, your pain may be due to carpal tunnel syndrome. Symptoms include numbness, burning, tingling, and itching in the thumb and index finger. If you ignore it or the problem is chronic, you may face muscle cramps near this area.

Stenosing tenosynovitis or trigger finger

If you repetitively grab objects due to your job or hobbies, your fingers may stay locked in a fixed position. This condition is known as the trigger finger, in which the tendons of a finger become thick and scarred. If you begin to experience this, you should contact occupational therapy specialists in Dallas, TX, to get your finger fixed.

Thumb joint arthritis

Aging causes bones to become weak, and one of its effects is thumb joint arthritis. Its symptoms include pain and swelling in the thumb joint, due to which people cannot perform daily functions. Although this issue is common in older individuals, it can also affect young people.

Dupuytren’s contracture

In this problem, the tissue under the palm develops knots, and the fingers start bending permanently. It develops slowly and affects the ring and the pinky finger frequently. It is genetic, and people with diabetes are more prone to it. You should contact the best hand surgeon in Dallas if you start noticing this problem.

Nerve-related and tendon-related issues

Orthopedic hand surgeons also deal with problems involving the tearing of tendons or ligaments of your hand or fractures in the hand bones. Additionally, they also specialize in nerve problems like ganglion cysts. 

Bottom Line

Many other hand issues may require the attention of a professional orthopedic hand surgeon. If you need clarification on your hand problem, North Texas Hand Center can help. Our specialists provide effective solutions for all hand issues with immediate results.

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