What could go wrong with your wrist?

What could go wrong with your wrist?

The wrist is a crucial part of the forearm. It is indispensable in our day-to-day use of hands. An ugly injury or damage to the wrist can slow down our entire lifestyle and cause immense discomfort even while carrying out simple motor functions of the hand doctor Dallas.

Injury to the wrist refers to an injury to the tissues of your wrist joint, such as a fracture, sprain, or strain. Wrist specialists address the conservative and surgical treatment of such issues or injury. With the newest procedure methods, they treat complex wrist fractures from microsurgical reconstructions of nerves, soft tissues to bone reattachment of limbs. They receive special training and practice to do this, after which they become qualified specialists in wrist diagnosis and treatment.

Numerous issues may arise as a result of injury or damage to the wrist. If you’re a resident of Dallas, Texas ,and have any  of these wrist issues , you must visit a wrist surgeon in Dallas. Some of the most commonly occurring issues are listed as under:


An ugly fall or an accident can often result in a wrist fracture. The bones in the wrist might get cracked or even broken. This requires urgent medical attention to reduce the possibility of further damage to the wrists.


Inflammation of tendons and muscles in the wrist area can prove to be dangerous and extremely painful. One of the most common infections occurring in the wrist area is tenosynovitis. An inflammation of a tendon and its protective sheath is infectious tenosynovitis. It can be pretty serious, and immediate treatment may help avoid permanent tissue damage.

Joint Replacement:

Due to constant wear and tear, the joints in the wrist area may get worn out and can cause immense discomfort and pain. This usually occurs in older patients and needs urgent medical attention in order to restore normal wrist functions.

Kienbock’s Disease:

Kienböck’s disease is a disorder in which the flow of blood to the lunate, one of the small bones in the wrist, is impaired. Bone is living tissue that needs to be nourished with a daily supply of blood. If a bone’s blood supply ceases, the bone can die. Needless to say, it can cause permanent damage and therefore needs urgent medical attention.

These are only a few of the numerous issues that could go wrong with your wrist. It is important to remember that it is always best to seek medical help to fix such issues. This is because the right treatment by certified professionals at the right time could help in restoring good health to your wrists.

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