What are the benefits of occupational therapy?

Most people desire a life of ease. As life progresses and things become more complicated, it is sometimes necessary to take help from people who are willing to extend a helping hand. North Texas Hand Center offers occupational therapy in Dallas, TX. We help you do everything you desire and wish to achieve, in both a safe and specialized manner.

What is occupational therapy? 

Occupational therapy uses everyday life routines to help bring a change into the lives of people with physical, mental, developmental, and emotional ailments that restricts them from doing everyday chores. 

It focuses on building a life again for the patient if a condition or injury prohibits them. An occupational therapist uses normal day-to-day tasks as a therapeutic tool to become independent again and restore your ability to perform the tasks. 

Our occupational therapy in Dallas, TXwill assist you in living a better quality of life again. 

Benefits of giving occupational therapy a chance

Occupational therapists use everyday work tasks, leisure time activities, school responsibilities, artistic pursuits, and sports to help patients stand on their feet. 

Below are the benefits of choosing occupational therapy in the Dallas, TX

  • Improves movement and strength safely

Surgery, strokes, and arthritis can affect the patient’s ability to create change in the movement of joints. A professional occupational therapist helps to improve the motion range by: 

  1. First, ask the clients to make small movement changes.
  2. Slowly after progress, the therapists will ask the patient to make an arm or other joint movement without assistance. 
  3. Precise body position, like lying down on the back, also helps bring back the full movement ability. Poor body posture may increase the pain. 
  4. Compensatory prevention techniques help to create movement.
  • Decrease the pain while building strength

The occupational therapist’s stretching techniques and manual guidelines will explain improper body postures that increase pain. With the education of proper posture and techniques, movement ability will be built again. 

It is different with compensatory prevention techniques. A shoulder movement with a compensatory technique may cause the muscle around the chest area to tighten and induce pain around the shoulder blade. 

  • Use adaptive strategies and equipment to reduce the dependency 

Adaptive strategies are techniques used to help reduce fatigue and conserve energy for other important tasks. For example: for heart patients, patting off with a towel after the bath can be exhausting, but wearing a Terry-Cloth robe can be easily done. 

Adaptive equipment like jar openers and shower chairs helps the patient to do all the daily chores easily and comfortably. 

  • Improvements in visual skills 

Occupational therapy uses visual adaptive strategies like scanning and pre-reading to help improve the reading experience to combat changes in vision following eye disease, brain injury, or stroke. 

  • Real-world assessments 

Our occupational therapy therapist in Dallas, TX, will provide a home safety assessment to help the person live comfortably in their home environment. 


Many doctors and wrist surgeons in Dallas recommend occupational therapists. 

North Texas Hand Center provides great facilities with specialized occupational therapist professionals, to help you live independently. Things happen in life unexpectedly, but we should not give up our hopes to remain and function positively in the world.