Crucial Differences Between Occupational Therapy And Physical Therapy

Crucial Differences Between Occupational Therapy And Physical Therapy

Occupational therapy and physical therapy have many similarities in them. They provide essential rehabilitative work to help clients perform daily tasks independently and improve their quality of life.

As both these therapies employ a similar set of tools to address similar types of health conditions, it makes it arduous to distinguish between OT and PT therapists. This article will help you understand the differences between them.


The key difference between OT and PT lies in the objective they aim at. OT aims to enhance the patient’s ability to perform daily activities; on the other hand, PT aims to enhance the client’s ability to perform a normal movement.

Occupational therapy in Dallas TX assists people by involving them fully in their daily life. The treatment involves a holistic approach that considers the reasons that impact the client’s participation and promotes wellness and rehabilitation.

On the other hand, a PT or physical therapist focuses on treating the actual damage resulting from a biomechanical perspective. This therapy enhances mobility, reduces pain, and helps align joints and bones.

Treatment Methodology

OT aims at assessing and enhancing the functional abilities of a person. It helps improve their capabilities to perform everyday activities. An OT doesn’t treat an injury with the help of acupuncture or manual therapy but works by optimizing their independence and ability to perform daily activities after an injury or physical impairment.

Hand doctor Dallas directly treats injuries. Alongside this, the occupational therapist customizes this treatment in accordance with the needs by using modalities like ultrasound in injury rehabilitation.

An OT performs an on-site evaluation of both the work and the home environment to provide the best recommendations on any appropriate adaptations to enable better life quality. They bring desired modifications in the physical environment.

A physical therapist does not often perform on-site evaluations. They teach exercise to enhance the mobility of the patients. They also perform massage and other methods to help in quick recovery from injuries. PT works to form a specific treatment that boosts the recovery process. This involves stretches and exercises that can be done at home.

Physical therapy, also known as ‘physiotherapy,’ focuses on examining and identifying dysfunctions. It helps treat the injury of a person on its own. The PT is more likely to perform diagnosis and treatment of the root cause of the issue. They work to maximize the ability of the body to move on its own.

Types of Treatment Used

Physical therapist uses modalities in their protocols that include ultrasound, shockwave therapy, and interferential current. They also use a treatment that includes acupuncture, cupping, intramuscular stimulation, and active release technique. They focus on gross motor function.

On the other hand, occupational therapy aims at how the patient uses fine cognitive and motor skills to perform daily activities such as leisure, play, homemaking, self-care, and socialization. They focus on memory, organization, problem-solving, social skills, maintaining a routine, and using community resources to improve the health of a person.

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