6 Blogs Occupational Therapists Must Follow

6 Blogs Occupational Therapists Must Follow

Who does not like to connect and communicate with like-minded individuals? Blogs on the internet are the best place to do just that. It does not matter if you want for occupational therapy in Dallas, TX, or anywhere else in the world; these blogs will be relevant to you. 

There are numerous blog sites to be found for any category you can think of, and occupational therapy is no different. While there are several blogs worth reading out there, here’s a list of the most popular ones and have good reason to be.

Handwriting Is Fun

This blog about occupational therapy, specifically relating to handwriting, is run by Katherine Collmer, OTR/L, and the posts are either written by her or some guest authors. The blog has featured some insightful posts about occupational therapy and telehealth in light of the pandemic that restricted face-to-face interactions. The blog’s posts are a must-read for anyone interested in school-based occupational therapy.

The Playful Otter (OTR)

Named one of the Top 5 Pediatric OT Blogs by The OT Magazine, this blog is run by Kathy Hanson. Her occupational therapy approach is based on interactive games, especially basic off-the-shelf games to which young ones coming from all kinds of backgrounds can have access. This blog presents a fun possible aspect of occupational therapy. 

The Inspired Treehouse

Claire Heffron and Lauren Drobnjak, who run this blog, are practising pediatric occupational and physical therapists. The blog presents an extensive yet well-organized collection of highly informative posts aimed at parents, teachers, and caregivers. The blog is wholly centred around the special needs of children and how to fulfil them.

The Anonymous OT

Anonymity usually does not favour credibility, but the opposite seems to be correct for this blog. The blog is run for an anonymous individual or group and provides a safe space for families and professionals to share candid opinions and experiences. Anyone who is a part of the world of pediatric occupational therapy can and should visit the blog site. 

The OT Toolbox

The blog is run by Colleen Beck, who is an OT and specializes in working with children. This blog is the perfect place for therapists looking for new creative strategies, reliable information coming from an experienced source, or simply fresh talking points to use while talking to parents.

Miss Awesomeness

Living up to the name, this awesome blog is run by Karen Dobyns, who started it in 2006. This blogger is also a published author and a treasury of knowledge about school-based OT practices. Although she does not post as often anymore, her existing blogs and the rare new ones are all fun to read and highly informational.

Check out these must-follow blogs for occupational therapists that come highly recommended and open the door to some interesting and perhaps helpful reading sessions. These blogs can be enjoyed by professionals as well as people merely interested in the subject. Furthermore, if you are looking for hand doctor in Dallas, North Texas Hand Centre is just the right place for you to find the best wrist specialist Dallas, Texas.