What Does the Life of a Hand Surgeon Look Like?

What Does the Life of a Hand Surgeon Look Like?

What Does the Life of a Hand Surgeon Look Like?

Our hands help us perform our daily chores such as earning our living, eating, and performing almost all our regular activities.

Hand surgeries are one of the life-changing incidents many individuals go through. The hand surgeons give a second life to those suffering from a hand impairment due to injury or disease. At North Texas Hand Center, we have the best hand and wrist doctor Dallas who changed many patients’ lives forever through exceptional diagnosis and medication.

But as many people are keen to know more about the life of a hand surgeon in this article, we will share some exciting facts that we discovered while knowing a hand surgeon associated with the North Texas Hand Center.

We asked several questions, and here are the answers we got!

# Question1: What Are the Most Common Hand Surgeries You Have Done in North Texas Hand Center? 

As a hand surgeon, I have performed almost all the hand surgeries, such as invasive treatments after injuries, reconstruction treatments after an injury, or diseases.

In children, I performed many reconstructive and surgical procedures, including cerebral palsy. In adults, the most common procedures I performed are the reconstruction of arthritic hand and wrist, tightening of tissues, etc.

# Question2: What Are the Types of Injuries You Usually See in Patients? 

If we talk about acute injuries, I treat a variety of them. Those injuries may include dislocation, fractures, ligament injuries, tendon lacerations, and even nerve injuries. To deal with those injuries, we require post-traumatic reconstruction and management, which you can usually call “fracture nonunion”. It happens when a broken bone fails to heal.

I have also dealt with non-traumatic conditions such as carpal tunnel, arthritic conditions, tumors, paralyzed hands, tendonitis (such as tennis elbow), etc.

# Question3: How Many Appointments Do You Take Per Week? 

Well, the number varies every week. In such a noble profession, it is hard to limit me to that criteria. But on average, I check 50 patients per week in my clinic appointments. I spend a lot of time examining and diagnosing patients and explaining their own condition, surgery, and recovery.

It takes up to 4 to 8 hours each week for surgeries, depending upon the number of cases and the complexities. A complicated case may take the entire morning, whereas four simple procedures can be done in half a day.

# Question4: What Healthy Habits You Consider Everyone Should Take to Maintain Their Hands?

First of all, I suggest everyone exercise regularly, along with eating healthy foods. To protect your hands, you must always wear protective gloves while working outside and dealing with power tools. If anyone encounters a sudden mishappening, they must visit a hand surgeon without wasting much time.

Our Takeaway:

We had a great time getting to know the best hand doctor Dallas at the North Texas Hand Center. We suggest you follow the simple and best practices to maintain your hands. If you face any trouble with your hand, North Texas Hand Center is here to help you. You can book an appointment by calling 940-442-6760.

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