Top Three Questions You Must Ask Before A Hand Surgery to The Best Hand Surgeon in Dallas

Top Three Questions You Must Ask Before A Hand Surgery to The Best Hand Surgeon in Dallas

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Do I Need to Have Any Medical Clearance Before Surgery? What Are the Tests I Need Before the Surgery? 

You may need to visit primary care or a general physician like a pulmonologist or a cardiologist before undergoing a hand doctor in Dallas. Either you need a medical clearance or not will depend upon many factors such as your age, medical background, and the type of surgery that you were having. But you will definitely need to get some blood tests, a chest X-Ray, and an EKG done before the surgery. Some types of surgery depend upon your health status and also your age. Thus, they need to have a pre-operative clearance.

You must discuss if you are following any particular prescriptions such as blood-thinning medicines to your surgeon before undergoing any surgery. The doctor might ask you to stop some of your medicines temporarily before undergoing surgery. You might also need to stop some over the counter medicines along with the prescribed medications. Keep your doctor updated about any vitamins and supplements that you are intaking. 

What Type of Anesthesia Will Be the Best For Me? 

Many factors help your hand surgeon to decide the best-suited anesthesia for your body. It depends upon the type of surgery you are having, the time, and the procedure’s complexity. Your overall health also helps in determining the appropriate anesthesia for you. 

There are some anesthetic options are available, including: 

Local Anesthesia: 

Your surgeon will inject local anesthesia to numb the area or the operative side while keeping you awake. This is a common Anastasia with you can see at a dentist’s office. 

Local Anesthesia and Sedation:

Some of the surgeries may be a little complex, which requires the patient to be in sleep. Your doctor may inject you this type of anesthesia to keep you asleep and breathing while not remembering or feeling the pain.

General Anesthesia: 

Under this anesthetic option, a tube or other device will assist you in your breathing. If your surgery is complex and more protracted, your doctor may use this anesthetic process. 

Do I Need Therapy After Surgery? 

You must prefer going through a formal hand therapy by a certified physiotherapist. A physiotherapist who has completed extra training on a hand’s minutiae will be the best fit for you. They not only understand the anatomy but also knows the best therapies to maximize your recovery and function. Depending upon your surgery, the recovery time of your hand can be decided. But if you begin a hand therapy soon after completing your surgery, you can expect better healing. However, delaying starting I had surgery may affect the outcome of the surgery. Ask your surgeon to make the decision.

At North Texas Hand Center, we have the best hand surgeon in Dallas who can restore the pain, fracture, or any condition with your hand through invasive and non-invasive methods. If you have other questions regarding pre-surgery, occupational therapy in Dallas, TX , and post-surgery care, schedule an appointment by calling us.