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North Texas Hand Center, PA opened its doors in January of 2009 to serve patients of all ages in the North Texas area. We are highly committed to providing the most personal and individualized care while incorporating the very latest in technology and innovation. The caring and helpful support staff will take the time necessary to answer any questions and make sure that patients understand their individual situations.


Our Services


Burns, Bites, Sprains, Strains, Fractures, Amputations, Lacerations, Tendon’s, Infections


Carpal Tunnel, Cubital Tunnel, Dupuytren’s Contracture, Arthritis, Trigger Finger, Tendinitis, Cysts, Tumors

Other issues

Arthritis, Disease, Joint Replacement, Infections, Congenital Deformities

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I am rating Dr. Hilliard and team (Amy, Kelly, Karen and Elizabeth,) as “awesome” because they are the best in the business! Dr Hilliard came highly recommended by another trusted doctor of mine. I have seen Dr. Hilliard for several different problems and have had surgeries by him. Working with his amazing staff has made the whole experience from start to finish hassle free and even a pleasure. The team put me back together and rehabilitated me back to health in no time. Today my hands feel better than ever! I have minimal scaring thanks to the extensive rehabilitation (which he offers in his …
Submitted May 21, 2014

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