Scheduling An Appointment With A Leading Hand Surgeon In Georgia

Scheduling An Appointment With A Leading Hand Surgeon In Georgia

Your search for the best hand surgeon Dallas, Georgia, can end here. Looking for a well-qualified and experienced surgeon can be a daunting task, especially when something as crucial as your hands and basic movement is at stake. To make the procedure easier and stress-free for you, here is a list of things to look for in a hand doctor Dallas, and an inclusive guide to scheduling an appointment with the right one. 

Things to know about the surgeon:

  • Specialization: There are various surgical procedures like trigger finger release, tendon repair, joint replacement, and more that require special skills. A hand surgeon’s area of specialization can simply mean the kind of surgical procedure that they are the most adept in. Many surgeons are known for their ability to perform a particular procedure, while most leading hand surgeons are known to have more than one.
  • Experience: The more experience with performing surgical procedures that a doctor has, the more highly recommended they come. The best hand surgeon, Dallas, would be someone who is experienced in performing most procedures. Furthermore, experiences with special cases, children, and adults, all count towards the same. 

Things to know about the surgical procedure:

  • Tests required: Before going for any surgical procedure, there are generally tests like X-rays, EKGs, and blood tests that you may be required to get through. The results of these tests will hence determine if your body is ready to undergo surgery. The results may also help your surgeon determine their course of action regarding the kind of anesthesia to use, etc.
  • Medical clearances: According to your tests’ results, as mentioned earlier say, and the diagnosis of your overall health by a general physician, your surgeon will determine how to go forward with your case. If the physician clears you to go forward with the surgery, you may do so. Otherwise, should they find a reason to withhold clearance, they can put you on medication for blood thinning or on vitamin supplements, etc. 
  • Post-surgery therapy: An important thing you must be fully aware of in advance before going ahead with a surgical procedure is if you may need to see an occupational therapist afterward. Having this knowledge beforehand will help you better prepare yourself mentally, helping you go through the therapy easier.
  • Type of anesthesia: It can be really helpful to be aware of the kind of anesthetic you will be given for your surgery and its impact on your mind and body. This way, the effects do not surprise you, and you can deal with them better.

Schedule your appointment with North Texas Hand Center:

It is important for you to ask the right questions while looking for the perfect hand doctor, Dallas, to suit your needs. North Texas Hand Center was established in 2009 and is home to occupational therapy in Dallas, TX, Georgia, Dr Stuart Hillard. There are also other highly qualified doctors and other staff members, including an in-house occupational therapist. Contact us today to get your issues solved.